Energetic raw materials

We are a leading importer of black coal from the world’s biggest producers. Thanks to the experience we gained and business relationships we developed we are able to cooperate with mines offering only top quality coal. This is the way we can meet the requirements set by even the most discerning customers.

Individual approach to each customer

Our business is based on 4 fundaments that are the reason for the high quality of our service and make our customers more satisfied.

  • Trust 500 000 tonnes of coal sold every year.

  • Quality We offer high-calorie coal with low ash content.

  • Timeliness Out own vehicle fleet makes it possible to deliver the product on time.

  • In the market since 2001. Na rynku od 2001 roku.

Our product range

W swojej ofercie posiadamy węgiel kamienny o różnej frakcji. Najwyższa jakość oferowanego towaru oraz profesjonalna obsługa gwarantują zadowolenie wszystkich klientów.

  • Coal dust

    Granulation: 0-20 mm

    Miał Bartex
  • Eco dust

    Granulation: 3-31,5 mm

    Ekomiał Bartex
  • Eco dust Bartex

    Granulation: 10-25 mm

    Ekogroszek Bartex
  • Eco pea coal

    Granulation: 25-40 mm

    Groszek Bartex
  • Coal cobbles

    Granulation: 40-80 mm

    Orzech Bartex
  • Coal cobbles Bartex

    Granulation: powyżej 80 mm

    Kostka Bartex

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